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Letter from the CEO

Joseph D. Saliba


When I graduated from the Lebanese American University with a Civil Engineering degree and decided to pursue my higher education in the United States in 2000, I was almost certain that I wouldn’t return to my home country, not because I didn’t love or believe in Lebanon but because everyone knows that the United States is the land of opportunities and most of the people who have been there to complete their studies, have ended up staying and making their living there.

However, this was not my personal case for I came back to Lebanon the day that followed my graduation from Oklahoma University with an MBA degree. This decision of mine was actually inspired by a precious advice I took from a dear friend which consequently made it a turning point in my life.

This is how the story began when I first joined the company of my father, an authorized clearing agent, who had worked so hard throughout the years to develop his company and provide a larger scope of services, raising the agency’s rank to one of the top 5 agencies in Lebanon. Coming from an engineering background, it was rather difficult for me at first to integrate into this totally new business for me, a field that needs numerous years of experience, personal public relations as well as a daily onsite presence. Year after year, I acquired knowledge and experience, built a wide network of public relations, and created a tough personality and most importantly a strong passion for this business and its underlying challenges. All these factors have contributed to create the business channels I have today with my clients/friends as I like to call them and to extend the channel of customs brokerage to Freight forwarding services which represent, in my opinion, the future of the Logistics Industry.

In 2010, I established my own company Worldwide Logistics with a small team of two. Today, WWL holds more than 10 staff members in Lebanon with many local and international agents and partners around the world, while striving hard to keep the same high level of professionalism despite the exceptional circumstances Lebanon is going through.

And last but not least, I would like to thank each and every member who is putting effort, time, and dedication to help develop our company. I would also like to thank our dear clients for their valuable trust hoping we will always provide you with the best service and be up to your expectations.


Joseph D. Saliba

General Manager

Masters of Business Administration, OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY, OK, USA, Bachelor of Civil
Engineering, LAU, BLAT, Jbeil.
Member of the Lebanese Freight Forwarders Syndicates.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +961 71 116666

Rosaline N. Gholmieh

Accounts Manager

Bachelor in Business administration from NDU, Zouk Mosbeh.
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +961 76 858516

Manale A. Kobeissy


Bachelors in Sociology sciences from Lebanese University Beirut
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +961 76 388373

Karine Y. Karam


Masters in MIS from LU
Bachelors in MIS from LU
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +961 76 388373

Chantal Saadeh

Accountant Manager

Masters in Audit from LU
Bachelors in audit from LU
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +961 76 388373

Ibrahim Khreis

Mhammad Al Dakdouke

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